801 East Joe E. Brown Avenue
Holgate, OH 43527

Wednesday Trainings

3:15 - 4:15pm

Trainers: JMP - John Mansel-Pleydell, CM - Chris Malanga, KM - Kim Murry

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Google Chrome Apps and Extensions

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Feb 1

Getting the most out of your google account starts with the Chrome browser. Learn how to customize your Chrome experience by creating your own profile, customizing searches, create and manage bookmarks, and search history. We will visit Google’s Web Store and search for free apps and extensions.


Google Drive

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Feb 22

At the heart of gSuite is Google Drive. This session covers all you need to know to use Google drive to share and collaborate with your students and fellow teachers.


Google Docs + AddOns

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Mar 1

Google Docs is an online word processor.  During this class, we will focus on sharing, editing, commenting and collaborating.  We will explore how to add functionality to Docs by adding add-ons, tools designed by third-party developers.


Google Slides and Drawings

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Mar 22

Google Slides is a presentation program that helps you create a digital presentation with ease.  Google Drawings give you an unlimited canvas to draw diagrams and printables. We will explore ways to use Drawings in the classroom as an interactive whiteboard and a tool to annotate images.


Getting Started with Google Classroom

Mar 29

This session is for a true beginner; someone who has not created a Classroom, yet.  Google Classroom is a blended learning platform that simplifies creating, sharing, and grading assignments in a paperless way. After being introduced to Google Classroom, you will practice adding students, creating discussions, and posting homework assignments.  We will emphasize assignment flow.  We will explore all aspects of the assignment feature plus learn how assignments are submitted, graded, and returned… all without printing.


Diving Deeper with Google Classroom


Apr 5

This session is geared toward the teacher who is already using Google Classroom. We will continue to build on your Classroom skills to increase productivity and student engagement. We will explore new features and different ways to extend Classroom.


Getting Started with Google Forms & Sheets


Apr 19

Would you like to create a survey for parents or volunteers? How about create an assessment for your class? In this session, we will discuss how you can get started with Google Forms - creating surveys, assessments, and/or even a voting form. We will discuss the various question types, how to insert a picture and video, and how you can send your form out to the audience.


Diving Deeper with Google Forms

Apr 26

Do you know how to create a Google Form, but are looking for other ways to use them? This session will highlight using Forms to create quizzes and have Google automatically grade them. We will also discuss how you can use forms to create ‘choose your own adventure’ surveys, registrations, and even lessons.


May 3