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You can register for our free training sessions by visiting our main website and clicking on the Register for Classes button on the main page.

Classes are offered at both our locations and online via webinar. 

Want more training opportunities? Checkout the GEG Northwest Ohio for PD events in your area.

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Instructional Services
If your district is a member of NWOCA then there is a range of services and training opportunities that you may receive at no additional cost.

Check out our INS Page on the main NWOCA Website for more information

Class Materials

Class materials may be available for the session you attended at NWOCA. Make sure to click explore the class materials menu above to see what we have available.
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Contact information for our trainers.

Google Educators Group (GEG)

A group for NW Ohio Educators who are using Google Apps and wish to share, learn and collaborate. Join our G+ Community